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I went to PTPT seeking help for an unbelievably painful shoulder. I experienced an injury to my shoulder from playing tennis. Before visiting PTPT, I visited multiple other doctors for help. None of them worked…not even slightly. However, once I began PTPT, I instantly noticed improvement on my healing. Since I started PTPT a rough three months ago, my shoulder has recovered about 70%, possibly even more. While I used to have difficulty using my shoulder and arm when dealing with the most simple tasks, I am now able to use my shoulder without much worry. I would recommend anyone with an injury or chronic pain to visit PTPT, because it has proven to be remarkably effective.

Adam Berger

Vivian, thank you for insights and guidance. You are intuitive, observant and effective. I had torn my long head bicep and you helped me understand the factors that contributed to my injury that I could correct and how to correct them. Based on my progress to date, it seems like I may be able to avoid surgery. Thanks, again.

Steve Carey

I didn’t know what to do. The nerve pain in my shoulder and arm increased to the point where I couldn’t work or sleep. Doctors told me to wait it out. Acupuncturists exacerbated the pain. Sticking with Vivian for a few weeks not only healed my pain, but inspired me to get into better shape altogether. She taught me to reconnect to my body and to not hold stress in my neck. I had shooting nerve pain down my right arm with numbness in my thumb. Vivian helped me become aware of the muscle groups that support the rest of my body, the abdominal and back muscles. Her techniques were affective to the very core, even my breathing changed. Now I stand taller, I’m more agile, I’ve let go of emotional baggage I was holding as stress in my body. I am happier and so thankful to this Wonder Woman of a healer. I also want to thank Jen, her message therapist is of another world. Vivian, thank you for everything. I am forever in your debt.

Alex Rapport

I had a great experience with PTPT, it’s a super relaxed, open atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease. I’d never been to physical therapy before and was pretty nervous about it, but I was diagnosed with patello femoral syndrome and referred to a random HMO therapist. I decided to see Vivian instead, having found her through research of my own. She worked very quickly on my leg and then adjusted my spine and back, as well…wasn’t expecting that, as I’ve never had any chiropractic-type work done either. Well, here I am almost a week later, and my knee doesn’t hurt, I can walk, I can kneel, and I can stand up from sitting on the floor without using my hands to push myself up. Haven’t done that move since Pilates class. Happy side benefit is my back isn’t hurting anymore…whatever she did fixed years of working at computers and the two or three times I’ve been rear-ended on the freeway. Thanks Vivian, I’ll be back! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Mickie Edwards

Having been to other physical therapists,(for similar problems) I have to say this is somewhat beyond physical therapy. As opposed to simply being adjusted or massaged and receiving exercises which are straight out of the standard physical therapy playbook (which has been my experience in the past), Vivian has provided me with an approach that addresses pain and its sources in a more holistic way. She has dealt with the back and neck pain I’ve experienced as something symptomatic and treatable in many different ways (adjustment and massage being only a few). She has helped me to reassess how I have treated my body over my lifetime, as well as how little I have understood it up till now. I am being retrained in where I focus my energies in my posture and this alone has been a revelation. It has been a lot of work, but well worth the effort and the results speak for themselves. I can’t believe how much better I’ve been feeling and how improved my posture has become since I started this process. The people who work there are all great and some of the best masseuses I’ve experienced (as well as the alphabioticist). Suffice it to say, I can recommend Vivian without any reservation whatsoever!

Michael Beinhorn

After months of putting off treatment and enduring pain, I finally made my first appointment with Vivian. I am now mad at myself for not making it sooner! The reason for the visit was a pain in my shoulder as well as tingling down my arm due to years of abuse in the gym. I went through a series of treatments that included hands-on adjustment as well as various machines. Believe it or not, I felt incredible…..even pampered! Vivian coached me on proper breathing techniques for my workout as well as providing exercises for increasing strength in my core muscles. Even more important than all that was Vivian’s charming personality, as well as her ability to make you relax and smile. I truly felt like a million bucks when I left. I look forward to my next appointment and I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing relief from pain (and needing a smile on their face too!).

Robert Payinda

I came to Vivian after tearing my hamstring and not wanting to enter the slow Kaiser system. I was afraid I wouldn’t play softball again, walk or get back to my normal activities. Not only did Vivian diagnose specifically what my injury was, but within 2 treatments/2 weeks with a good home program I was back on the ball field (yes- she did tell me I did it too soon, but I used a pinch runner) and am able to use my leg for working and daily activities. A possible nightmare was turned into a safe place to recover with guidance, ease and satisfied results. I’d recommend her to anyone and if your insurance doesn’t cover her – see her anyway – she is worth the time.

Shayna Gilbert-McNab

I came to Vivian with a bad knee injury caused by many years of running. I thought my days of running were over, but thanks to Vivian’s careful assistance and expertise, my knee injury has healed completed and I’m back on the track.

Mayor Jeffrey Prang

Vivian is one of the few physical therapists who truly gets the job done. My patients simply feel better after her treatments. Her technical knowledge and “hands-on” approach make her incredibly effective when treating a variety of pathologies.

Dr. Carolyn Siegel

Dear Ms. Eisenstadt – PTPT Thank you so much for your help in alleviating my leg pain due to a herniated disc. Under your watchful guidance and expertise, I’ve been able to avoid surgical intervention and able to resume most of my normal activities.

Mark W. Alpert