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Vivian Eisenstadt gave me my life back. She did it with her incredible knowledge, personality and best of all, encouragement. I needed physical therapy because of a silly little fall down the stairs in my home. A year and 2 MRI’s later, it was determined that I had a 9 mm herniation between L4 and L5. Surgery was recommended. I waited and the disk ruptured touching 2 nerves and causing drop foot in my left foot and a lot of frustration. Surgery followed soon after and my recovery was set in motion. However, it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. After spending many months with a general physical therapist, I had felt that my recovery was not moving along as quickly as I had wanted. A friend recommended me to Vivian and after about a month working with Vivian, I started to get very excited about the challenges that she placed in front of me. I was also very excited about the results that I was getting as well. Vivian’s energy and encouragement really placed my focus on hitting milestones rather than focusing on where I felt I should be in my recovery. I felt that her focusing on my mental outlook was just as important as my physical issues. Vivian shared her knowledge with me and educated me on my body and why certain movements cause me pain. That was very helpful and taught me how to use my body without causing pain. Vivian worked differently from the other PT’s I had worked with. She focused on the big muscles but she also really concentrated on small fine-tuning as well. She was all about challenging my muscles and explaining why being off balance while doing the exercises was a positive thing. She explained that the imbalance showed the weakness, which ultimately gave her information on where I should focus my energies. With each milestone accomplished, the exercises became more challenging. I was never bored with my therapy. She constantly introduced new ways to keep me interested and after a while, put me on the Pilates machine to challenge me even more. I really enjoyed her mindset that you can have the best person working with you but if you don’t do the work, what good is it. My recovery was my choice and responsibility and with her help, I have made it to the other side. My pain level was a 9 when I started working with Vivian and when I was discharged, my pain level was at a 1 or 2 depending if it was a good or bad day. Vivian had given me the ability to sit in my car and drive without pain. That was huge for me since I spend several hours a day in my car. She also helped me become more aware of my body and how it works best. I highly recommend Vivian to anyone who wants a Physical Therapist who can challenge and motivate as well as strengthen and cure. She is results oriented and creates an environment that motivates and gets results. Thank you Vivian for giving me my body and my life back. You are a godsend and I don’t know what I would have done without you. You are the best! Love always A very happy patient

Ana Haro

Prevent The Pain Therapy was a great source of recovery for me. I had been to many physical therapists over the years with little or no success. Vivian is great a what she does and I would highly recommend Prevent The Pain Therapy to any one looking to heal back problems or other injuries.

Anthony S. Behar

Shalom Vivian, Thanks again for your expert treatment. You are a kindred soul and skillful healer. I believe I am on the mend.

Rabbi Aron Perry

Vivian is the awesomest of the awesome! Within two short months she had me feeling better and standing taller than I ever knew I could feel or stand. Not only does she have an incredible understanding of the human body and how to fix it, she cares about making people well as if she were their own mother. Physical therapy with Vivian Eisenstadt is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had, and probably ranks among the best experiences the world currently has to offer.

Brent Laffoon

As I am writing this testimonial, I just want to note that I am sitting up straight in my chair, my butt is out, my feet are straight in front of me, and I am not straining my neck. I started working with Vivian about three months ago after injuring my back moving furniture (I wish I had hurt myself in a more swashbuckling way). I was referred to her by two of my friends, who in my opinion do not make referrals lightly, in other words, they don’t like anyone. The fact that they would recommend Vivian says a lot about how much she helped them recover from their respective back injuries. Granted, I cannot say my injury was that severe compared to other people I know. I did not require surgery, hospitalization or other invasive procedures. But in my case it was very debilitating. I could not sit or stand for long periods of time, could not exercise, but most importantly could not chase my two young kids around. That is what hurt the most. At first I was skeptical. I had been to other physical therapists for a variety of ailments and none of them approached therapy in the same way as Vivian. Her techniques are innovative. Tugging, stretching, thinking, concentrating are a big part of her sessions. There is no easy ice, ride a bike, stim, and go home. Additionally, she made me do homework, every day, multiple times a day, all movements tailored to my weaknesses and meant to improve my physical lifestyle. But you see the results immediately. You also hear her voice every time you make a movement. That is a gift that is like a gift that keeps on giving. Another step in her healing process is the fact that she has the expertise to review how your body works in unison. She has helped my ankles, my knees and my neck. Last week she had me visit a podiatrist to help my arches. All of this has helped my back immensely. I can honestly say that Vivian is the best physical therapist I have worked with and would recommend her highly. Be prepared to work, be prepared to listen, and be prepared to do your homework. Best of all, be prepared to feel better than you have in a while.

Brian Good

Vivian is a true healer! After suffering a near death experience from a bowel resection that took a wrong turn, I came to Vivian with hopes of healing from the trauma of Peritonitis, numerous surgeries and recovery from a colostomy reversal. At the time, I was living with tremendous pain and suffering psychologically from the trauma of my ordeal. I had a lot of hesitation and fear.. Vivian was intuitively understanding and gentle yet effective. She got me moving. She had me working through the pain and my recovery was amazing! She was my “Green Mile”. Today there’s not an activity I can’t do. I’ve been off pain meds for over two years and I thank Vivian for initiating my wonderful recovery. I have nothing but positive things to say about Vivian and her healing ability and wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone into her healing hands.

Carolyn M. Solton

Vivian is amazing! She showed me how to strengthen and shape my posture into a more supportive and powerful structure and in the process of my regaining a stronger posture, I felt better in my body and my self-confidence level shot straight up! I found myself taking on projects that I had been putting off and began to speak more freely and confidently about what’s in my heart. Thanks Vivian! Lots of Love.

Cecilia Samms

I had been suffering with lower back pain for three years before PTPT. The quality of my life was defined by the pain I was experiencing. I was unable to sit for long periods of time. I was overtaken by depression, anxiety, and most of all pain. I watched my body change over three years. I had lost muscle in my legs, my posture was bad, and I had little motivation to work through the pain that had tormented me for so long. I had been to doctors, had extensive x-rays, drug therapy, you name it I tried it. PTPT was recommended by my spouse’s co-worker. She forwarded me her story and outlined what Vivian and her staff had done for her after a horrible car accident. I was willing to try anything at this point. I called as soon as I was given the contact information. Martin was able to book a same day appointment and I did not know it at the time but my life was about the change for the better. Vivian has a great place in the best location. It is so easy to get to and you do not have to deal with parking or validation. She has a beautiful rose garden that welcomes you to the physical therapy office. Her space is very welcoming and I instantly felt at home in her office. Vivian gave me a thorough evaluation and asked me every question in the book. At this point I became aware Vivian is a seasoned professional. I could feel the positive energy she gives off and I could feel the empathy she had for my situation. Post evaluation was an emotional experience. Vivian instructed me to lay-down on my back and put me in positions I had not experienced in a long time. She put me through a series of alignments and I was instructed to stand up see how I felt. I was in shock. The pain, numbness, and chaos that had disrupted my life for so long seem to have disappeared. So much was running through my head I could not hold it in. She kept eye contact and she knew what was about to happen and it did. Every emotion flowed out of me. We somehow bonded in that moment and she wrapped her arms around me and told me to let it go. After some time I was able to compose myself and Vivian and I had a nice chat about the emotional issues wrapped up with my back pain. I was given my “homework” a long list of stretches. I purchased an inexpensive foam roll to do some of the various exercises. She outlined my treatment plan, and she managed my expectations of the final result. It has been some time since my first visit to PTPT. The physical therapy and the various treatments; ultrasound, electric stimulation, whole body vibration, and massage have changed my life. I no longer live with pain. My whole body is 1000% more flexible, I have muscle tone in places I did not before (I have abs!) and I totally understand the mind body connection. A quick note on the massages: AMAZING! Vivian’s staff knows what they are doing. The massages are relaxing and therapeutic. All the therapists are well trained and very good at what they do. The massages have played a major roll in my recovering from the debilitating pain. I encourage anyone who is experiencing pain to call PTPT. I tell every person I come in contact with about Vivian and her amazing staff at PTPT. With so much thanks.

C. Coyne

When I was 14, I had spinal fusion surgery to correct a scoliotic curve in my spine. I received no physical therapy and I didn’t think that I needed any. Sure, I couldn’t bend my spine but I didn’t see how that might affect other aspects of my physical well-being. I returned to the sport of gymnastics and did what I could do. Obviously, it wasn’t much. During one gymnastics practice, I injured my knee and was prescribed two rounds of physical therapy. It didn’t do any good and I resigned myself to reality—I would always experience pain in my left knee. Unfortunately, an injured knee hampered my active lifestyle and I quickly found my pain increasing to the point that I sought medical help again. This time I went in for arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus. I thought that this would be the end and things would finally improve. Again, I was wrong. Even after the surgery and another dose of physical therapy, I was still in pain and unable to resume my normal activities. And that’s when I met Vivian Eisenstadt. Vivian explained to me that it was all connected—the spinal fusion surgery and the knee problems. My immobilized spine had progressively weakened my core and kept me from doing basic activities properly, even walking. We worked on widening my gait, stepping with the correct heel to toe motion and engaging my core. My pain has substantially decreased. I have resumed running and dancing and though I still experience some discomfort, I no longer feel despondent. I know that with Vivian’s help, I will soon be pain-free.

Dvora Meyers

Many years ago there was a PR campaign which asked What Becomes A Legend? This was printed on the adverts of classic female movie star photos like Greta Garbo, Carole Lombard, Bette Davis etc. When I think of Vivian Eisenstadt, I ask What/Who is a Legend? That’s how super she is as a physical therapist and healer. I’d been rather skeptical about trying physical therapy until I tried Vivian. I was struck immediately by her extensive knowledge of the body and its workings. Unlike others before her, she taught me how to correct my walking and sitting posture through exercise and home work. I use the word taught because I believe that a really good healer teaches the patient how to get strong. And because she often acts like a drill Sgt. I forever have her voice in my head as I’m walking my dog, admonishing me to “stand up straight!” and “stomach in.” Vivian has been given the gift of healing. People with doubts and those without should come and experience how good she is and how much better they will feel in her able hands. In closing, I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful she is. I tell everyone I meet that they should see her and why.

Elisa Vandernoot