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Lifestream Radiant Energy Technology

Get immediate relief of tension in your muscles while improving the function of every cell and organ in your body- putting your body into a true healing state.


Introducing the Lifestream Generator, a breakthrough in stress-relieving technology.

The Lifestream generator is a machine that emits a powerful DC current to its surrounding fields, and can be channeled to specific areas with assistance from a practitioner. By sending a Unified Field of Energy through your body, it raises the cell voltage of all parts of the body back up to 90% of its original function. A Lifestream healing session strengthens your body’s ability to physically relax, heal and mentally and emotionally manage stress and increase your level of awareness and focus.


The Impact of Lifestream Radiant Energy

  • Improve the function of every cell and organ in your body
  • Recharge your body’s cellular battery
  • Feel revitalized and relaxed
  • Help put your body into a true healing state
  • Strengthen your bodies ability to heal and manage stress
  • Speed up physical, mental and emotional processes
  • Create a louder “intention” to strengthen the manifestations of your reality with a higher level of awareness
  • Release muscle tightness quickly


How Lifestream Generator Works

The Lifestream Generator amplifies and increases the voltage, vibration, and “chi” of the body. When we are born consider us having 100% of our battery – the same battery that is in every cell that helps the cell clean out toxins and work well – before you were tainted by toxins, experience, fears, and disappointment. After the age of about 24, our “battery” starts to deplete; about 10% for every 10 years after 24 (e.g. by 34, you will have 90% of your battery power). Cells with a weaker voltage result in an environment of disease, sickness and emotional ill-heath.

How Lifestream Radiance Energy is Produce

Through exposure to radiant energy cell voltage is raised. This optimizes cell voltage bringing about a state of balance. The Lifestream generator “jump starts” your batteries back to 90-100% to increase the efficiency and capacity of your body to heal and contain emotions. Sessions with the Lifestream literally shift the patient into a state of parasympathetic, or “healing mode”. It allows the body and mind to restore itself back to its natural state of well-being.


On a mental level, your brain is composed of millions of electrical impulses firing throughout the day. When using the Lifestream generator, your thoughts are “magnified”. It is a great catalyst for bringing thoughts to fruition.


Unlock Your Inner Vitality: Experience Lifestream Radiant Energy Today

As a practitioner and as a user of this machine myself, this is what I have observed in practice:

  • Quick release of neck and shoulder tightness
  • Patients that have been in motor vehicle accidents are able to heal in half the amount of time, being able to process and release the trauma created from the accident and focus on healing.
  • Reports of increased energy levels
  • Releasing emotions on a particular subject “for good”
  • Finally facing fearful interactions or situations in their lives with resolution.
  • Restful and deeper sleep