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Detoxification and Therapeutic Energy Services

We are living in the most polluted environment in the earth’s known history. We are eating, drinking, inhaling and absorbing stuff into our bodies that do nothing other than harm us and take our energy away from being able to focus, heal when injured or stressed, or perform daily human function physically, emotionally and mentally. Toxins also keep us fat because one of the main functions of fat is to protect our organs from these harmful elements. Even chemicals that we use to clean, detergents, shampoos, body lotions are all more toxic than we recognize.
At Vivie Therapy, we realized that if the body’s inner systems weren’t functioning optimally, our patients would not heal well.
In the quest for wellness, Vivie Therapy offers the products and services below with the intention of helping to clear out toxins to improve body function, improving your body’s ability to heal and perform stronger and better then ever. Our goal is to help you maintain a happy, clean healthy mind, body, and spirit.
When adding detoxification to your routine, you may experience:

  • ridding of toxins that harm your body, allowing you to recover quicker
  • better focus and clarity
  • better sleep
  • improved energy
  • emotional stability
  • improved strength
  • feeling energized and ready to take on whatever life brings or a decrease in the symptoms that toxins are having on your body, whatever they may be.


Check out products and services below that will help you live a Vivie life.