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Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Whole Body Vibration is the best and easiest tool to help you get in shape and stay healthy!!

10 Minute sessions on the CV9 Whole Body Vibration Machine has been proven to do the following:

  • Combat osteoporosis
  • Get stronger faster
  • Sleep better
  • Improve energy levels
  • Lose body fat
  • Tighten cellulite
  • Recover from exercise faster

While increasing your

  • Cellular oxygen uptake
  • Seratonin HGH release
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility
  • Circulation and lymph drainage ability

The CV9 Whole Body Vibration (WBV) System is a new, convenient, easy to use, powerful & valuable tool in successfully combating the effects of aging, weight gain, degeneration and toxicity on our body. For the past 12 years, The Brooklyn Healer has incorporated WBV therapy into therapy programs, resulting in patients recuperating quicker and faster. I personally feel that the 10 minute sessions on the WBV not only cuts recovery time significantly, but helps the patient turn on muscles that haven’t been used in a long time, resulting in better form and control with exercise. The fact that it tightens cellulite and burns a lot of calories doesn’t hurt either. Emotionally, understanding the concept that “raising our vibration” puts us in a higher state of consciousness, I see patients become more optimistic, happy and exhibit a lot more energy that lasts throughout their day. Try it for yourself and see.
The Science Behind It

During the first extended periods of time Russian cosmonauts spent in space, it was observed they experienced bone and muscle tissue loss due to a lack of gravity. In an effort to stop or reverse these degenerative conditions, researchers were led to the whole body vibration (WBV) technology. It has been well documented that vibration technology does in fact repair the bone and muscle tissue loss experienced by the cosmonauts. Of course, this discovery inevitably led the way for the whole body vibration concept to be applied to the fields of athletics and fitness. The CV9 is the latest “state of the art” vibration technology machine designed for physical performance enhancement.
We also carry the Turbosonic model at Vivie Therapy. It was designed and developed by TS Korea and collaborated with Qigong (Chi Kung) Masters in Korea who were instrumental in helping develop TurboSonic’s 10 minute pre-programmed training sessions. TurboSonic is used widely throughout Korea and Japan especially by Qigong, Acupuncturist, Athletic Trainers and Senior Centers, as well as by Olympic and top sport athletes and entertainers. Within the past few years, its notoriety and popularity has spread into America.

Our whole body vibration machines provide the same or even better effect of exercising while just standing on the machine doing nothing but listening to your favorite music. It can be used by anyone regardless of age, sex, physical or neurological condition. This is especially good news for office workers, overweight people and clients who experience difficulty exercising over extended periods of time. Used alone, or as a pre or post workout complement to traditional strength training and cardiovascular exercise, WBV training provides conditioning benefits in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Since it can train without the physical rigors of traditional exercise, individuals who find it difficult to exercise, can enhance their quality of life and potentially extend it through improved overall fitness.
For those who don’t have 2 hours to spend at the gym, our trainers will work your entire body out in 15 minutes.

Book your Whole Body Vibration Work out Session Right Now and speed up your way to health.

Vivie Therapy is the North American Distributor of the CV9 WBV machine as well as an official Distributor of The Turbosonic. If you are interested in purchasing one for your business or home, Contact Us.