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Massage Therapy

When people ask us “What kind of massages do your massage therapists do – shiatsu, deep tissue etc.”, it is like asking an artist “what kind of brush strokes do you use?” The answer is “whatever is necessary” – but let me put it to you this way:

All of the Vivie Therapy massage practitioners are gifted with intuitive abilities to know what kind of massage you may need on top of being highly educated in their field. One may need what I call “one layer off” – to take of a layer of tension and tightness that is stopping you from feeling loose and focused. Another may need specific trigger point therapy for your neck and lower back.

For patients who have been evaluated by the physical therapist, massages might focus primarily on the muscles that have been overworked (e.g. upper traps or low back muscles) to speed up the “stretching phase” of their therapy. The clear and constant communication between massage therapists and physical therapists at Vivie Therapy gives the client one step up in receiving the best massage they have had in years.

For clients who come in for a really good massage, feel confident that you will receive the highest quality of professional care. Please don’t hesitate to share with our therapists what works or doesn’t work for you. At Vivie Therapy, we work TOGETHER to get the results you are looking for.

We make sure to first define your areas of concern, taking into consideration your age, gender, history and sensitivity levels. Our expert therapists use a variety of techniques that easily and efficiently unravel years of stress and tension. With a full menu of therapies, including shiatsu, deep tissue, trigger point work and more, we can treat a systemic issue or a specific joint in question. Our therapists will restore your movement and overall well-being.

For more information about our individual massage practitioners, please go to our About us page.