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I love getting an adjustment from Vivian. When she puts her hands on me the healing that takes place comes from multiple levels. She has been able to reach places in my body where I have been holding on to stuff for decades. I am discovering a new lighter me. My pain is reduced. My range of motion is improved. I can breathe better and walk better. Please, we all need more love and self-care…..give yourself the gift of a session with Vivian.

Marzie Harris

Vivian is one of the best physical therapists around. I worked for her as a massage therapist and many of the clients would tell me how they had physical therapy before coming to PTPT and it hadn’t done anything for them. But since working with Vivian they were finally healing. I myself became a client after a car accident in 2004, and having Vivian as my therapist really helped me get better quickly. She’s passionate about her work and I highly recommend her.

Judith Walton

40+ years of sports from falling on skateboards, years of rugby and rock climbing in the Himalayas have left my wrists and hands in pain, not to mention the 5 hours a day on the computer for the last 10 years. After one session with Vivian my pain was 75 percent relieved and I was on my way to some long-term relief. Vivian’s great energy, attitude and knowledge are incomparable. Also her facility is inviting, high tech when needed and back to basics when those techniques work best. Thank you Vivian, I look forward to working with you keeping me pain free and my athletic career intact for the next 40 years!

Art Brown

Three weeks after going back to work full-time while also breastfeeding a 20-pound baby, my shoulders and neck were completely locked up. I get regular chiropractic adjustments, but was still in pain. Vivian got me down on the ground and WORKED it out! I felt a little better immediately, and by the next day the pain was gone. She rocks.

Margaret M.

Vivian truly amazes me in how she is able to quickly locate the source of pain, determine the cause and develop a treatment plan that works! Not only does she provide treatment and relief from the pain, but she takes the time to teach you why your body is responding that way and what you can/should do in your daily routines to help prevent future pain. There is a passion about what she does which is a benefit to us all! She even took me on a Sunday morning and rescued my weekend…thanks again Vivian!

David Grau

Hi Viv, you know you are The One!!! You have helped me so tremendously on so many different levels, my hip has never hurt again after you worked on it for a little while. Wow, it took seven years to find you! Now you will help me heal after the shoulder surgery, looking forward to working with you. YOU ARE THE BEST!


I was hesitant to step up to the plate and get my shoulder treated with physical therapy, but the pain became too intense to ignore. In my first session with Vivian, she demonstrated how much stress I was storing in my upper body and she set me on a program to stretch, limber up and loosen up. The pain was diminishing and our work continued with several therapies and some work with the pilates machines. Then she started on my neck tension. We’ve had four sessions so far. The shoulder pain is way way down, I already started carrying myself differently. And a couple days ago, while I was shaving, I noticed that my neck is so much more limber, I can see parts of my jawline and sideburns that I could never see before! Vivian knows her stuff – and she is a naturally gifted healer.

Mark Rosen

Vivian is a lifesaver! Her meticulous attention to detail is the key to quick recovery, proper healing and developing the right muscles. Her belief in skeletal and muscular alignment and her amazing adjustments make her a one-stop shop! As a high level athlete with 2 foot surgeries and a shoulder surgery she was able to put my body back in place and get me to running better, faster and more efficiently in a few weeks after seeing her. I am currently using her as my “Secret Weapon” to help me train for the 2008 Olympic trials in the marathon. Additionally, PTPT has modalities such as whole body vibration, detoxing purifiers, and products/supplements that are helping me to be one step ahead where every second counts. Thank you Vivian, for helping me to make my dreams come true!

Mary Lockton

I am so happy to have found Vivian at PTPT. I am a former college athlete and I used to just work through the pain and live with it. I had an injury to my Planter Facia over 2 years ago and all I did was mask the PAIN with anti-inflammatory meds. (Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, etc…)I never concerned myself with identifying what was causing the pain. Vivian has done an amazing job of helping me with my injury. She has taught me exercises to do for my foot when I am at home, and she has truly gotten to the root cause of my injury. If you have had an injury and you have been putting off getting treatment, don’t wait any longer. Vivian is an AMAZING “healer”. I have never written a review for any of these type of sites, however, in this case I felt like I owed it to others out there that may be suffering like I was. Go see Vivian and tell her that Mark sent you …..

Mark Aston

I do not know where to begin about the therapy treatment I received from Vivian and her staff. Everyone on her staff melts together like they have been knowing each other since birth. The treatment I received made me feel as though I should have been here ten years ago when I first injured myself while working. I feel the treatment I received would have saved the worker’s compensation some money by me not having the surgeries I did have. The idea of learning that to walk correctly by holding the stomach muscles, tightening up the buttocks and walking with the alignment of my shoulders made the pain go away. The exercise in Pilates and stretching every part of my muscles made a difference in the level of my pain decreasing. The massages were great also, more manipulations than I have ever received from any physical therapist just great in my recovery from pain. I needed a whole month with this group but five days told me a lot about myself and how I could reduce the pain with me. I believe if you are a person who really wants to get rid of the pain go to Prevent The Pain Therapy. The pain you receive during therapy is nothing like the feel of no pain after visiting this group of fine people.

Belinda Jenkins